As an art dealer with classical education and vaste experience as expert for furniture, Uwe Dobler leaves old pattern behind.

Uwe Dobler Interiors deep passion for antiques led us all over the world, deriving inspiration from every conceivable angle and recovering rare and unique objects across vast tracts of space and time. Our exceptional eye for detail, our profounded knowledge of the history of art and our respect and passion for every single object we are working with, succeeds realising unconventional an exceptional residential interior.

Uwe Dobler Interiors is well known for its crossover-style.
Our spirit of openness and our visions combine antiques and decorative art of all centuries with contemporary pieces, always respecting local circumstances and spatial possibilities.

We are never standing still, always on the run for a hidden ‚truffle‘, always excited about new materials and inspired by new ways to work with material, for example in carpentry or metalwork.

Translating our ideas, visions, emotions and discoveries into our projects, creating an avantgarde form of Interior Design, individually for every single client, is the essence of our work, is the essence of Uwe Dobler Interiors.