Extraordinary wall panel by Carlo Bugatti, Milan about 1900

Extraordinary wall panel by Carlo Bugatti with an architectural relief by Enrique Linares (Grenada since about 1870) and a guache by Alberto Pellegrini (Milan 1870-1943). Blackened and walnut wood, with inlays and ornate copper foil applications. Asymmetrical panel with columns and architectural elements. Stucco element with yellowish patina. In the middle, a relief painted with an open colonnade and a Moorish structure carved in relief and richly designed ornamental friezes. Behind, a guache painted with a young oriental woman in a vegetative landscape. signed Alberto Pellegrini; H. 76,5 cm x 60 cm. This unusual decorative element by Carlo Bugatti (Milan 1856-Molsheim 1940), with its inlaid surface, continues his joy of combining a wide variety of materials, which he also demonstrates in his parchment-covered objects and in the combination with architecture. Linares‘ stucco relief creates a bridge to this formal language, also Moorish, which he favoured. To our knowledge, the collaboration with Enrique Linares and Alberto Pellegrini is unique! See on the frame: Dejean, p. 92f. Milan circa 1900.


Width: 80 cm, Height: 80 cm